Ep. 29 Propaganda Report – Indivisible Guide: A Left-Wing Playbook for Disruption

CLICK HERE To Listen To Episode 29 of the Propaganda Report Podcast. Tuesday, February 28th, 2017. Anti-Trump protesters are disrupting Republican town hall meetings all over the country. The organization behind the movement is Indivisible, a group of former congressional staffers, who’ve given their followers a Saul Alinksy like playbook full of disruption tactics. Is this … Read more

Why Is Youtube Suppressing The View Count On This Video? ("Wear RED" says Communist Organizers of Upcoming Women's Strike Event)

Maybe there is another explanation but Youtube seems to be suppressing the view count on this video. Multiple people have watched from multiple accounts, over the course of the past few days and the count barely budges. I have no idea why they would suppress the view count on a channel that has barely over … Read more

A rabbit hole too far?

I’m going to say this is too far down the rabbit hole, but what if the Oscars mix-up was a psyop with symbolic meaning? Here are the dots I could connect, but then I really would have to put on a tin-foil  hat, so let’s just keep it in the realm of the theoretical and … Read more

Propaganda Report, Episode 28: Scariest Thing I've Heard in Years

CLICK HERE To Listen To Episode 28 of The Propaganda Report On this 28th episode of the Propaganda Report; The leaks are real. The news is fake. And the psyop is in full effect after the Micheal Flynn affair and the mainstreaming of the Deep State. Monica discusses the scariest thing she’s heard in years. And … Read more

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