Nasties v Deplorables

I hate Hitler analogies & any reference to World War II as being the perfect example of everything that could ever go right or wrong in the world, but I also believe that right now some deliberate parallels with history are being orchestrated or at least attempted, from “populism” to “fascism.” Specifically, I can’t help … Read more

Pepsi Over The Top Illuminati Symbolism, Why?

Pepsi promoted their new brand of “premium bottled water” in a super bowl ad that featured an over the top amount of illuminati symbolism. They obviously want us to notice. Why? [youtube] To hear breakdowns of Super Bowl 51 commercials, check out episode 26 of the Propaganda Report.        

Ep. 26 – SUPER BOWL LI (51): Illuminati, Lady Gaga, & Deconstructing The Commercials

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO EPISODE 26 OF THE PROPAGANDA REPORT. Saturday, February 4th, 2017 – The purpose of Super Bowl Halftime Show Illuminati Symbolism, Lady Gaga, we deconstruct commercials that will air during Super Bowl 51, and we analyze the HBO show West World More detailed show notes coming soon. If you like this episode, share … Read more

Coleman's Last Three Predictions Coming True? #WTWOF

I read a book by John Coleman called The Conspirator’s Hierarchy: The Committee of 300. I remember being fascinated by it at the time. Coleman claims to have been a British intelligence agent and tells all about the true rulers of the world–“the 300.” Many of the things discussed in the book had proven true … Read more

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