(Video) Jon Ossoff's Father Won't Let Him Keep His Promises

Even if he wanted to, Jon Ossoff will never fulfill his promise to close up tax loop holes. The man behind the curtain would never allow it. The odds are far greater that Ossoff works hard to protect the loop holes, ensuring that wealthy corporations can continue taking advantage of them. Here’s why. [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQSlr9YmmCI] … Read more

Ep. 48 – Sessions Endures the Parliament of Whores (Updated With Show Notes)

CLICK HERE To Listen To Episode 48 of The Propaganda Report Podcast CLICK HERE To Listen To Episode 48 of The Propaganda Report Podcast Thursday, June 15th, 2017 – After rolling out the red carpet for James Comey, the Congressional Whore House wasn’t exactly as welcoming to Jeff Sessions. We analyze Session’s Senate Intelligence hearing and compare … Read more

From vulgarity to violence, Dumbing Us Down has turned to Decivilizing Us

Charlotte Iserbyte wrote The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America and John Taylor Gatto wrote Dumbing Us Down–both excellent books addressing the purposeful program of excising the ability to recognize manipulation or to find fallacies in arguments. Since John Dewey replaced classical education with modern education (a process succinctly described in the Dewey chapter of this … Read more

Emotionally Correct (new glossary entry)

I walked past a bakery recently and saw some outrageously priced coffee with some heavy marketing elements that said something to the effect that it was grown by desperately poor farmers who sacrifice their children’s food to give you organic, environmentally-friendly coffee (they left out “to fuel your hyper-productive, obscenely materialistic lifestyle,” but that would … Read more

It's Here! The Sure To Be Shocking, Devastating, & Damning Comey Hearings Are Here!

The day we’ve all been waiting for is…..CORRECTION. The day the mainstream media has been telling us for weeks that we’ve all been waiting for has arrived. James, “WORLD’S GREATEST NOTE TAKER” Comey will finally testify about his interactions with President Trump, and whether or not Trump obstructed justice. What shocking revelations will be made … Read more

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