(Video) (Parody) Debate #3 Between Jon Ossoff & Karen Handel for the GA 6th District Congressional Seat

With less than two days to go before the Georgia 6th district special election, Jon Ossoff and Karen Handel battle it out in one final debate. [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=27K1iPaEvE4] SUBSCRIBE on Youtube for more videos. SUBSCRIBE to the Propaganda Report Podcast on iTunes, or GooglePlay And don’t forget to click the blue “Follow Propaganda Report” button on … Read more

Jon Ossoff – The Perception VS. The Reality

With early voting for Georgia’s 6th district special election beginning today, many in the district will cast their vote for someone the public knows next to nothing about, Jon Ossoff. For a candidate who’s only 30 years old, Ossoff’s campaign makes a lot of bold claims. His supporters should know that a number of these claims … Read more

Margarita's Ghost & The Crimson Birdcage: My Answers to the Mixed-Fan Super Bowl Party

I’ve been thinking hard about how to have a great time Super Bowl Sunday watching the game with hardcore Falcons fans AND hardcore Pats fans…Seriously, it could get ugly, and my plan–to employ my own personal creation, Margarita’s Ghost–could either solve the problem or make it a whole lot uglier….here it is, tell me what … Read more

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