Ep. 100 – The Summer of Race-Baiting Has Begun (Propaganda Report Podcast)

The summer of identity politics and race-baiting officially kicked off last week with three events that all occurred on the same day; the Starbucks racial bias training, MSNBC’s ‘Everyday Racism In America’ Town Hall, and the Roseanne Barr tweet controversy. On this 100th episode of the Propaganda Report, we talk about how the Roseanne tweet … Read more

Ep. 99 – Stormy Daniels Is Lying & How Our Rights Are Covertly Being Taken Away (Originally Aired on 5.12.18 on WSB)

How the Mueller probe, the Cosby trial, #metoo, and other current events are being used to covertly take away our rights. Plus, evidence from Stormy Daniels past suggest that she’s a political operative who is willing to tell lies to further her cause. Is she deceiving the nation? You decide. Show originally aired on May, 12th, … Read more

Operation Gladio for Guns?

I hope to mention on the air today that I think the gun control agenda is being supported by a gladio type operation here in the US …if you’re not familiar with operation gladio, here’s a good place to start https://monicaperezshow.com/2016/09/27/the-propaganda-report-episode-4-strategy-of-tension/

Ep. 98 – Soros Funded Stacey Abrams Misleads Her Supporters & Abrams Scary Education Plan (Show Originally Aired on May 5th, 2018 on WSB)

Despite claiming to be a grassroots candidate in the Georgia Gubernatorial race, democrat Stacey Abrams is funded by liberal billionaires George Soros and Tom Steyer. We discuss her truly terrifying plan for the public education system and we expose how she’s deceiving her supporters into believing she’s a grassroots candidate. Plus, election watchdog Garland Favorito … Read more

Ep. 97 – Is The Russian Collusion Saga A Chatham House (UK) Psyop?

“I Like To Break Up Countries.” – Sir Andrew Wood (The Man Who Made Sure John McCain Got The Steele Dossier) Sir Andrew Wood, the man who John McCain admits alerted him to the existence of the Steele Dossier during a secret meeting at a security conference in Canada, once said “I like to break … Read more

Ep. 96 – DARPA & The Weaponization of Meme’s (Military Memetics)

A modern version of Operation Mockingbird is in full effect as yet another former head of an intelligence agency makes the media rounds. Plus, we analyze a DARPA funded study into Military Memetics that reveals the government’s scientific approach to mass manipulation through the use of memes. TUTORIAL: MILITARY MEMETICS BASED ON DARPA STUDY Former … Read more

Ep. 95 – Did James Comey Falsely Accuse A Man of Being the Ramsey Rapist? (Originally Aired 4.28.18)

No one is talking about how the man James Comey accused of being the Ramsey Rapist was acquitted and later awarded a large settlement. Did Comey accuse an innocent man? We discuss that and other evidence which suggests that Comey shouldn’t be trusted. Also, we talk about the dangerous destruction of the Client/Attorney Privilege. (Show Originally Aired … Read more

Ep. 94 – The Digitization of The Self

Social media companies conform to EU standards as the world creeps closer and closer to becoming a digital borderless society. Plus, the “unintended” consequences of social media regulation don’t seem so unintended. And finally, the curious origins of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. If you haven’t, Subscribe to the Propaganda Report podcast on iTunes. Rate and … Read more

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