Ep. 101 – The Inspector General Report Is About Total Information Control (Show Originally Aired on June 16th, 2018)

The Inspector General issued a controversial report showing bias and denying bias at the same time, but what he really did was move us one step closer to totalitarianism. (Show Originally Aired on June 16th, 2018 on WSB Radio Atlanta, WSB 750) A new board was being installed in the studio while we were recording and … Read more

Deep Tech

Deep Tech: A Conversation with Cory Here is my first attempt at launching a non-celebrity guest interview series where I pick the brains of people I find interesting but you’ve probably never heard of! Enjoy! Here’s the article we referred to in the conversation – it’s not about Deep Tech but it is deep! Fox … Read more

Ep. 100 – The Summer of Race-Baiting Has Begun (Propaganda Report Podcast)

The summer of identity politics and race-baiting officially kicked off last week with three events that all occurred on the same day; the Starbucks racial bias training, MSNBC’s ‘Everyday Racism In America’ Town Hall, and the Roseanne Barr tweet controversy. On this 100th episode of the Propaganda Report, we talk about how the Roseanne tweet … Read more

This week's twip…any tweet you want me to flesh out on air tomorrow?

I always wondered about that!!! https://t.co/EtKDTcGF3n — Monica Perez (@MonicaPerezShow) June 1, 2018 Ya don’t say…(just what we were talking about on the latest podcast @freedomactradio—what number is it? A milestone if I calculate correctly!! 🙂 pic.twitter.com/avOsSFnzMR — Monica Perez (@MonicaPerezShow) June 1, 2018   When government policy favors the 800 Pound Gorilla, the presumption … Read more

Ep. 99 – Stormy Daniels Is Lying & How Our Rights Are Covertly Being Taken Away (Originally Aired on 5.12.18 on WSB)

How the Mueller probe, the Cosby trial, #metoo, and other current events are being used to covertly take away our rights. Plus, evidence from Stormy Daniels past suggest that she’s a political operative who is willing to tell lies to further her cause. Is she deceiving the nation? You decide. Show originally aired on May, 12th, … Read more

Operation Gladio for Guns?

I hope to mention on the air today that I think the gun control agenda is being supported by a gladio type operation here in the US …if you’re not familiar with operation gladio, here’s a good place to start https://monicaperezshow.com/2016/09/27/the-propaganda-report-episode-4-strategy-of-tension/

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