Ep. 83 – Why Facebook Suddenly "Cares" About Children & Democracy

Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Twitter, and Google have been in the news lately acknowledging how damaging their technology is to children and to democracy. Do the admissions made by the tech giants reflect a genuine concern about the impact their products have on society, or are they merely teeing up a pre-planned solution that will result in … Read more

WaPo Blames Trump for Death Threats to CNN, Calls for Regulations

After a 19-year old from Michigan was arrested for calling in death threats to CNN over fake news, the Washington Post implied that it was Trump’s fault. What’s more, the WaPo journalist then wondered if it’s “time to expand the definition of conspiracy or to tweak laws against yelling “fire” in a crowded theater?” You … Read more

Perez & Binkley Shock the Airwaves Saturday 3-6PM ET on WSB

Will Trump Save (or Kill) the First Amendment?…The Monica Perez Show Is Back! Live on WSB Radio Saturday 3-6PM ET… FakeNews CyberBullying SelfRadicalization FlagBurning–Are these ALL memes 4 cracking down on 1st Amendment? Reading posts, comments and tweets on show Saturday….comment below or call at show time 404-872-0750 or 800 WSB TALK.

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