Ep. 57 – McCain Scuttles Obamacare Reform, General Kelly In As COF, The Mooch, & Other Chaos

CLICK HERE, to listen to Episode 57 of the Propaganda Report Podcast Tuesday, August 1st, 2017 – McCain dramatically scuttles Obamacare reform, giving democrats and republicans what they both really wanted. Reince is out as White House Chief of Staff. General Kelly is in. The publicity tunt that was “The Mooch.” Are people inherently good or … Read more

Bookshelf & Book Reviews

We frequently reference books on the Propaganda Report Podcast, so we decided to create a bookshelf where you can find those books and a selection of other interesting finds. If we’ve reviewed one of these books, you’ll find a link to the review below the title. For a more complete list of books that are … Read more

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