Ep. 105 – Georgia Governor's Race – Is it Bad vs. Worse? (Show originally aired July 28th, 2018)

Ep. 105 – Georgia Governor’s Race – Is it Bad vs. Worse? There are officially four candidates in the Georgia Governor’s race, Abrams, Kemp, Odom, and Metz. The media however would have you believe that you must choose between two bad choices, Stacey Abrams or Brian Kemp. On the show we talk about Stacey Abrams … Read more

Ep. 103 – Trump & Putin Sittin' in a Tree

Trump’s meeting with Putin declared treason…..before it even happened and we deconstruct a radical and dangerous Micheal Moore interview. From Putin’s Official Website: Transcript of the beginning of the Trump Putin Summit Chris Wallace Interview including transcript Trump Putin press conference Putin – Megyn Kelly Interview A couple of relevant articles from Monica: Crimea & … Read more

Is Strzok a Crisis Actor? NATO SHMATO – it's all about the OIL! #ReadMyTwips

Read about this in a WSJ article today that said in 80% of school attacks a “bystander had an indication the perp was planning an attack,” so this protocol was born-gotta wonder, in cases where nothing ever happens how often does someone suspect something?https://t.co/ZM7eTKSpNL — Monica Perez (@MonicaPerezShow) July 13, 2018   Keynes championed inflation … Read more

Ep. 102 – The Border Crisis – What Are We Really Being Sold? (Show Aired 6.23.18)

Children separated from their families at the border is the latest media meme. But what exactly is the media trying to sell us on? Show originally aired on June 23rd, 2018 on WSB radio Atlanta A new board was recently put in at WSB. We’re still working out the kinks. Our apologies for any issues … Read more

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